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505 Motorsports505 Motorsports

505 Motorsports is located at 5950 E. Main St. in Farmington, NM and is a really great place to find a really great vehicle from really great people!  Besides a full lot of used cars, trucks, boats, and RVs . . . you can also find motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, and best of all . . . a collection of the coolest hot rods and classic cars you’ll find in Farmington!


Blue Diamond Auto Spa

Blue Diamond Auto Spa is located at 5530 E. Main St – on the corner of Main St and Pinon Hills Blvd in Farmington, NM and is the best car wash in the Four Corners!  They have one of the longest wash tunnels in the entire country, all of their cleaning products are bio-degradable, and they employ over 40 people.  If you want your car to be clean, dry, and shiny – then you need to give them a visit.


Ken Collins MarketingKen Collins Marketing

Ken Collins is the man behind the wheel in Ken’s Think Tank, the Ken Drives video series from Walk in the Park Marketing, and at the Ken Collins Marketing agency.  We are a Digital Marketing agency that specializes in helping small business owners get more customers.  Website design/hosting/support, Local SEO, Customer Review Management, Facebook Advertising, and Online Sales Funnels are what we do best!


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Jump over to the Ken Collins Marketing website and contact us there.  Ken will set up a time to meet with you.  Sponsorship for the show must make sense to the show.  We embed 15-second sponsor ads before within the first 2 minutes of the show.  These ads can’t be skipped – and, with our average view time between seven and eight minutes, this ensures that ALL of our viewers see these ads.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult (and more expensive) to get your brand in front of the local market in and around Farmington, NM. The rise of big box stores advertising within the local market is driving local ad prices up within the advertising avenues that work. So we’re seeing more ads – and it costs more to get them out.

With Embedded Marketing, there is no ad to skip or ignore. Our growing audience of loyal viewers see your ads, they share the episodes with their friends who also see your ads, and they associate your business with something they enjoy.  The way these ads are presented means the viewers actually hear the message and develop a stronger emotional connection with your brand.

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