Artistic Vision vs Fame (S03E11)

Jul 12, 2019 | Clips, Season 3

Skyler Loyd on Ken’s Think Tank Season 3, Episode 11

Skyler has released multiple albums and has had his music featured in at least one feature film.  In this time of influencers seeking fame for the sake of fame, Skyler chooses to focus his artistic vision . . . and it brings him success.

“To be an artist, you don’t need to be famous.”

“Not going to throw any shade, but kids I’ve met . . . they’re like ‘I need to have 3 million subscribers and followers on Instagram and YouTube.’  No, you don’t.”

“You don’t need to be famous.  Look at me . . . I’m not famous, and I’m OK with saying that.”

Right now, you’re spending the time in the industry as an artist instead of more focus on the business end of it.

“Yeah.  I love the artistic form of being able to be a musician.”​

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