Cheating at Golf with John Elway (S03E03)

Mar 15, 2019 | Clips, Season 3

Jamie Birch on Ken’s Think Tank Season 3, Episode 3

I was talking to Jamie about how he ended up living in Farmington, NM so he told the story about how he met his wife.

“My wife’s from here.”

“I left Pueblo, CO to go play college baseball out in Southern California.  So, I spent 6, 7, 8 years out in Southern California and moved back to Colorado – Ft Collins – then moved down to Denver.  I was a real avid golfer at the time.”

“There was a Denver Bronco football player who lived next door to us, and he would always have me play in his scrambles.”

“One day, my phone rings, and it’s my idol – pro quarterback for the Broncos – saying, ‘Hey, we have a golf tournament in Albuquerque – an NFL Alumni Golf Tournament – do you want to go?’  And I’m like whatever . . . who is this?  There’s no caller ID at the time.  So I hang up thinking it’s my brother messing with me.”

“There’s a knock on my door, and it’s Dave Studdard, the offensive lineman for the Broncos.  He’s like, ‘Hey man, John’s calling you!  Why are you hanging up on him?’  I’m like are you serious?!  ‘Yeah!’  So, we’re playing in Albuquerque at this NFL golf tournament.  I kinda look like Jason Elam, the kicker, and we think we can probably pull this off.”

“So, we get caught cheating, and it’s horrible because we’re leading the first tournament.  I met my wife that night.  There was a big party, and one of her friends was dating a Bronco player.”​

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