Chips are Vegetables (S03E01)

Feb 15, 2019 | Clips, Season 3

Melissa Sharpe on Ken’s Think Tank Season 3, Episode 1

I used to sit next to Melissa Sharpe during Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Commission meetings.  She is always so much fun to talk to.  So positive.  So dedicated.  So classy.  So involved.  And so pretty!

Just before one of those meetings began, Melissa came rushing in.  As the meeting was about to start, she explained to me that she had been rushing from one thing to the next all day . . . and she didn’t have time to eat . . . and she was starving.

She stopped in at her house and only had about 2 minutes, so she was leaning over the counter just shoveling Fritos into her mouth before rushing out the door to make it to the commission meeting that evening.

It cracked me up because Melissa is the embodiment of elegance . . . and the image her story painted in my head was so contradictory of my image of her that it stuck with me.  My girlfriend and I occasionally find ourselves in a bind with time, and we’ve been known to throw some fries on a sheet pan, open a can of chili, dump it over the fries, toss it in the oven for a minute, and eat them right off the pan.  When we do, we say we’re “going Melissa Sharpe on them.”  Ha Ha!

It was good to discover that Melissa is just as human as the rest of us – even though I still hold her on a pedestal.  She explains in this clip that she and her husband, George, call Fritos and potato chips vegetables . . . because they’re corn and potatoes.  Brilliant!

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