Farmington, NM – a Great Place to Live (S04E03)

Mar 14, 2020 | Clips, Season 4

100 Men Who Care on Ken’s Think Tank Season 4, Episode 3

While wrapping up our interview with Patrick Manchester, Gary Smouse, and Martin Caddell about their philanthropic organization called 100 Men Who Care, Martin shared his thoughts about Farmington, NM.

Martin:  “We have a great community.  We live in a great place.  If everybody knew what it was like to live in Farmington, we’d be a city with 3 million people.  The weather is phenomenal.  There are so many things to go and do outdoors and be with your family.  There are great organizations.  We’ve got good leadership.  Farmington and San Juan County is just a great place to be.  It’s a great place to live and to grow as a person.”

Martin:  “I’m hoping that not everybody watches this Facebook post, because then it will spread like crazy.  We’ll wake up and there’ll be thousands of people flocking to Farmington and San Juan County.  Gary will have to build another Chic-fil-A.”

Ken:  “At least one more.”

Gary:  “At least, yeah.”​

EDITORIAL NOTE:  Martin Caddell has since moved back to Texas because of his opposition to the NM State leadership and their decisions made during 2020.  He still believes Farmington is a great place.

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