How to ROW Across the Ocean (S04E01)

Feb 14, 2020 | Clips, Season 4

Guardian Initiatives on Ken’s Think Tank Season 4, Episode 1

Talking with Jarod Slindee and Mark Pfetzer about their plans to row a boat in a race across the Atlantic Ocean in about 1 month with no stops.

“Our schedule will be two-hour on, two-hour off.  So, every two hours, you row for two hours – two of us will row, and two are off.”

“In the off time, that’s when you’ve got to eat, take care of yourself, tend to any issues like blisters.  A lot of blisters sitting there rowing all day for two hours on, two hours off.  And then sleeping during that same timeframe.  In two hours, you have to get all that done – take care of yourself, stay hydrated, clean up, whatever it is.”

“And that’s 24 hours a day.  All through the night, all through the day.”

So, there’s no chase boat with you or anything like that.  There are some support boats in the area, but they’re sail boats.  If you really did have some kind of emergency or something like that, you could get some support, but it might take a couple days to get to you?

“Correct. Correct.  There are two sail boats throughout the race course that are emergency support boats.  They come up on the rowers, they’ll take pictures of the rowers as they see them.”

“The course is spread out.  Right now the rowers are spread out I’d image about 1,500 miles from the last one to the first one.”

“On one team this year, one of the team members decided they couldn’t do it anymore/  I think it took about four days for the boat to get to them.  It’s not a fast ‘OK, we’ll be there and come get you’…”

So, the boat could be 500 / 1,000 miles away.

“Correct.  And have to get back to you.”

A sail boat, and have to sail to you.


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