Italian Mother vs Italian Aunt (S02E04)

Mar 24, 2018 | Clips, Season 2

Mario Bernardone on Ken’s Think Tank Season 2, Episode 4

“I had four uncles and three aunts on the same street . . . and all of their families.  We had houses one after the other.”

“My grandfather had bought parcels of land, and he set up each of his sons in a house.  All of my cousins grew up on the same street.  That was tremendous because I could walk to my grandmother’s house or any of my aunts’ houses.”

“I really explains my body shape.  I’ll never be skinny because every time I went into the house of any of my relatives . . . ‘Mangia, mangia!’  They would pinch my cheek.  ‘You’re getting to skinny!  You’re mother doesn’t feed you at home!”  No, no!  My mother said don’t eat anything when you go to your aunt’s house!  No . . . it was an insult . . . you had to eat something.”

“I learned that was how they expressed their love, and why we believe in that to this day.”​

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