Pro Racer says Farmington, NM is his Favorite Off-Roading (S02E12)

Jul 27, 2018 | Clips, Season 2

Loren Healy on Ken’s Think Tank Season 2, Episode 12

I had never heard of Loren Healy before.  I asked a friend about coming on the show to talk about offroading.  He told me that I needed to talk to Loren Healy . . . then, he showed me Loren’s “Milk Run” video (below).  I agreed . . . I HAD to get Loren in the truck!

“It is really cool that the City’s getting behind the off-road community a little bit, and trying to open up that new trail that they’re doing.  It’s going to go from Chokecherry out to the lake to help the side-by-side rental stuff a little bit.”

“Farmington is just a great area for natural resources with the lakes and off-roading and everything that’s here.”

In your experience going around at these events, is that something that brings in people and money?

“It definitely does.  We travel the whole country, and even down to Mexico, to go off-roading, and Farmington is still my favorite place.  Out of all these places we go to go race.  We go to Johnson Valley.  We go to all these really cool places, and I still love to come home to Farmington and go 4-wheeling in Farmington any day of the week.”

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