S06E03 – Ground-breaking New Therapy

Mar 17, 2022 | Full Episodes, Season 6

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The thousand-yard stare.

Being prior military and having known a LOT of military members over the years, I’ve seen that stare more than a few times.  It always draws me nearer to a person when I recognize it.

Meet Lonnie Whitaker and you won’t see it immediately.  He’s fun.  He’s positive.  He’s energetic.  But, we all wear our masks and Lonnie lets his down in fleeting moments.  If you know the stare, you’ll recognize it.

Lonnie spent 22 years in the Army with 4 tours in the Middle East – and he now suffers from PTSD.  He’s gone through depression, mental institutions, therapy, and medications.  He survived, but NOT because of the mental health care he received.  So, he is developing a better way.

Lonnie has a master’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in Health Psychology, and he’s working on his Doctorate in General Psychology with an emphasis in Performance Psychology.  He’s combining psychology, fitness, and nutrition for a whole-body approach to mental wellness – and it’s working!

We’re gonna talk about Lonnie’s journey from growing up in the Army through his post-military fight for mental wellness to his development of a first-of-its kind approach to mental wellness that will earn him his Doctor’s Degree.

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