S06E05 – Joel Racheff & Invisible Culture

Apr 14, 2022 | Full Episodes, Season 6

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If you’ve been a fan of the show, you know that I really like putting musicians in the truck and filming episodes.  There’s nothing like driving around town accompanied by live musicians!  Ha Ha

I’ve had the Zia Chicks, Sallyanne Bachman, and Eric Campbell on the show.  Now, I’m on the way to pick up 3 musicians – all in the truck at the same time!  I was shooting for an episode with Joel Racheff – but I’m getting Joel’s son, RNGO and his friend David as a bonus.

If you’ve ever been to the Bar D Chuckwagon in Durango, CO – you’ve seen Joel.  If you haven’t . . . what are you waiting for?  The Bar D Wranglers perform there all summer long – and they’re all extremely talented and very funny musicians.

Besides performing with the Bar D Wranglers, Joel also performs a regular solo act at the Strater Hotel in Durango during the off-season.

Joel’s son, RNGO – spelled R N G O, is also a musician with some independent releases and a following on Spotify.  RNGO has teamed up with his friend, David to form a band called Invisible Culture.  And . . . just like Joel, they are writing and performing their own songs!

Why do I like having musicians on the show?  Because this is a talk show, and Longfellow said it best when he said Music is the universal language of mankind.

I wonder if they’ll be able to fit all of their instruments in the truck?​

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