S06E09 – Debbie Braff was a Firefighter

Jun 16, 2022 | Full Episodes, Season 6

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Debbie Braff has been seen all over the place lately.  We just enjoyed the annual Riverfest event, and Debbie was on the show to promote it.  She also went on the Mayor’s Table to promote it.  And now, she’s back again!

Why did I have her back so soon?  It’s because of something she said in passing during her last appearance on Ken’s Think Tank.

When I met Debbie, I had no idea that she used to be a firefighter.  And I certainly had no idea that she was Arizona’s very first female fire chief – what?!

Debbie grew up a Texas girl who moved to Kayenta, AZ to be a school teacher.  While there, she joined their local search and rescue team – and finally joined the Kayenta Volunteer Fire Department.  She did great, and when the fire chief left – she was elected as the new fire chief.  She helped get them a brand new fire department and has some amazing firefighter stories.

I’m gonna stick her in the truck and have her tell us all about it!

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