S06E10 – Chamber of Commerce Farmington, NM

Jun 30, 2022 | Full Episodes, Season 6

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Jamie Church has become a staple on Ken’s Think Tank – just as she is a staple in our community.

Jamie tirelessly advocates for small business in Farmington, NM.  She does is because it’s her job – but the reason it’s her job is because she would do it anyway – because she believes it’s the right thing to do.

I joke with Jamie that she talks a LOT on the show.  I sit her in the truck, ask her a question, and let her talk.  In that way, she’s a really easy guest to have on the show!  Ha Ha!  Whenever I want to catch up on the Farmington business community, I just invite Jamie on the show and buy her a cup of coffee – she does the rest.

In all seriousness, the reason she talks so much is the same reason I keep inviting her back on the show . . . she really cares about Farmington’s business owners . . . and so do I.  She’s smart, funny, and passionate about the success of our local business owners.  What better reason to have her back on the show?

Grab a notebook and a few pens – you’re gonna want to take some notes on this one!​

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