S06E11 – Female Encounters of the Life Kind

Jul 14, 2022 | Full Episodes, Season 6

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In the fall of 2021, David Mills and I created a podcast called Male Encounters of the Life Kind.  Two guys hanging out talking about what guys talk about . . . and somebody was listening.

Julie Blair and Felicia Florez decided they needed a platform to dispute some of the male nonsense we provide in bucket loads on our show.  So, they created their own podcast . . . Female Encounters of the Life Kind . . . I wonder how they thought of the name.  Ha Ha!

During their day job, these two ladies are two very professional and highly skilled realtors.  Then, they sit in front of a microphone – and the rules get burned and buried.

Every time I hang out with these two, I laugh WAY too much.  They are a complete riot – and it flows through to their show.  They got started in the spring of 2022, and they’re bringing their A-Game with a resident mixologist and a resident comedian – all women of course!

All their shows – along with all the Male Encounters of the Life Kind shows are available on the InterWest Concepts website at https://interwestconcepts.com/ – just tap the Female Encounters button.

I’m going to put them in the truck and see if I can handle these two without David’s help – it’s gonna be a hoot!

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