S06E12 – Music Special Episode

Jul 28, 2022 | Full Episodes, Season 6

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Woo Wee – it’s been a busy year – so let’s take a break!  In lieu of a guest, we’re going to take a break and present to you our Super Duper Music Special!

We’ve had tons of cool guests, so let’s heat things up with a review of some of our musical guests.  Sit back, strap on your headphones, and enjoy the musical offerings of:

  • Zia Chicks
  • Sallyanne Bachman
  • Eric Campbell
  • Joel Racheff
  • Invisible Culture

And a few words from Skyler Loyd, D.D. Seaton, and the late great Adam Savage

I hope you enjoy the episode.  And . . . if you’re a musician that would like to make an appearance on the show, we’d love to have you!  We’ll get you out on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and every podcast platform you can think of!

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