S06E17 – Festival of Trees 2022

Oct 13, 2022 | Full Episodes, Season 6

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The Festival of Trees is a cherished event in Farmington, held each year at the Civic Center.  But, the last two years, just like everything else, the event had to adapt to stay away from crowds of people.  And now they’re back!

This year, the Festival of Trees is back in the Civic Center . . . and it’s bigger and better than ever . . . and it’s the event’s 20th anniversary!

I’m on my way to pick up Jyl and Carrie from Presbyterian Medical Services (PMS for short) to talk about this annual event and how it helps raise funds for all the great things that PMS does in our community.

Jyl is the Northwest Region Director for PMS, the state’s largest non-profit.  Carrie takes care of their marketing and community relations.  It’s a little tough to comprehend just how many facilities and services PMS operates in the area – Jyl’s gonna list them out for us.

The annual Festival of Trees event is a fundraiser for PMS – and all of the money raised goes toward support all of the LOCAL efforts they’re involved in.

Watch the episode, then visit https://www.pmsfestivaloftrees.org/ for all the details – because it’s a little different this year.

Strap yourself in and hold on tight to your coffee because these ladies are too much fun!​

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