S06E18 – Kids These Days get Wake Up Call

Oct 27, 2022 | Full Episodes, Season 6

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Here at Ken Collins Marketing, we’re closing down our 6th complete season of Ken’s Think Tank with this episode – our season finale.  Season 7 will start up in February 2023.

Running a show like this is no small effort.  We have to find the time to contact potential guests, find a day and time that works to film on a day with no weird weather.  Once we get somebody scheduled, we have to get the cameras and audio equipment set up, pick up the guest, spend an hour filming, and drop them off.  But that’s only the beginning.

Once we have an episode filmed, we need to take a couple of hours to copy the files from the cameras.  We have to render each camera file out so we have three standard video files to work with.  This takes another six hours.  THEN, we can start editing . . . which takes days.

When so much work goes into a single episode, sometimes we want to take a break and just hang out.  So, I called my friends Ren & David – the hosts of the KSJE Sunday Morning Wake Up Call.

Chatting with these two is an easy as a weekend drive – which is exactly what this episode is.  No big topics, no dates to remember, nothing to process – just a fun and easy drive with friends.

Grab some coffee, strap in, kick back, and relax – but keep your eye on that Winnebago!

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