S07E04 – Randy Large Discusses a Devastating Loss – Part 1

Mar 23, 2023 | Full Episodes, Season 7

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Imagine being out of town when you get a frantic call from your son saying that your house is on fire.  The relief you feel that he wasn’t in the house when it caught fire is quickly replaced by grief that your 3 dogs weren’t so lucky.  Then the realization that your family has the clothes on their backs – and that’s it – everything else is gone.

That’s exactly what happened to Randy Large in 2021.  Construction on his new home has just begun in early 2023 – and he’s finally ready to talk about the rollercoaster ride that’s been that last 2 years.

Because we have a lot to discuss, we’re going to break this interview into two parts.  I normally end up cutting 2/3 of the content of these interviews so I can meet my time limits, but this one is too important to cut.

In 2021, a small brush fire quickly got out of control and rapidly spread to Randy’s home – completely engulfing it in flame.  There was nothing left.  The fire happened on a Sunday, Randy couldn’t make it back home until Tuesday, and the house was still smoldering when he arrived to find a pile of rubble where his home once stood.

What do you do when that happens?  How would you handle it?  We’re gonna find out exactly want Randy did to come out of this devastating situation.

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