S07E05 – Randy Large Discusses a Devastating Loss – Part 2

Apr 13, 2023 | Full Episodes, Season 7

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In our last episode, Randy discussed the sequence of events he and his family went through before, during, and after his house, his dogs, and all his belongings were completely destroyed in a fire.

In this episode, Randy talks about what they did to deal with the tragedy and move forward.  He offers some good advice for what people should do to make the aftermath easier to handle should somebody else have to deal with the same tragedy.

As a reminder . . . In 2021, a small brush fire quickly got out of control and rapidly spread to Randy’s home – completely engulfing it in flame.  There was nothing left.  The fire happened on a Sunday, Randy couldn’t make it back home until Tuesday, and the house was still smoldering when he arrived to find a pile of rubble where his home once stood.

What do you do when that happens?  How would you handle it?  We’re gonna find out exactly want Randy did to come out of this devastating situation.

None of us want to go through what Randy and his family have endured, but it’s helpful to know how to prepare . . . just in case.  So grab a notebook and take some notes – this may save you a lot of pain in the future.

Additionally, this episode is much more up-beat than Part 1 – so, we’ll have some laughs too!​

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