S07E06 – Carrie & Alisha Discuss FELK

Apr 27, 2023 | Full Episodes, Season 7

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I’m on my way to pick up my next guests where I was told to meet them – not knowing that the location will change 3 times before I get there.  Don’t worry – I’ll eventually find them!

Today’s episode features two inspiring and hilarious local professionals, Carrie Inskeep and Alisha Martinelli, who have recently taken over the popular podcast, Female Encounters of the Life Kind.

Carrie is the proud owner of The Poop Group, a local business providing dog poop pickup services, making life easier for pet owners and keeping our environment clean.  Alisha is the office manager for a local crane company.  Both are great for our economy.

These professional women have teamed up to bring new perspectives, engaging discussions, and thought-provoking insights to the Female Encounters of the Life Kind podcast, which focuses on women’s experiences in various aspects of life.

We’re gonna dive into their roles in their respective industries, how they became involved with the podcast, and what fresh ideas and experiences they plan to bring to the show.  Sit back, relax, and join us as we uncover the stories of Carrie and Alisha – two wild and crazy women making waves in the local community and beyond.

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