Sending your Daughter Away to College (S02E05)

Apr 6, 2018 | Clips, Season 2

Adriana Miller and her father, Travis, on Ken’s Think Tank Season 2, Episode 5

Ken:  If you run off to one of these colleges . . . it looks like it may be Appalachian . . . that would be when?

Adriana:  I would leave in August.

Ken:  August of this year.

Adriana:  Umhm

Ken:  Travis, how do you feel about that now that it’s a little farther down the decision-making tree, and it’s not quite as much of an idea, and it’s more of a reality?

Travis:  I’m really excited for her.  I’m a little nervous about the far-away-from-family thing, but I think I’m excited for her to go away and experience the adulthood of life.   Because, lots of times, kids will stay at home, they’ll be 25 years old, and they still don’t know how to be an adult in life.  They don’t know how to take care of stuff – take care of themselves.  Mommy and Daddy still have to sweep the sidewalk for them in order to get them out of the door.  It will be good to see her go.  If she gets to go that far and gets to make life choices and be responsible for her actions, I think that will be a great benefit for her in life in the future.

Travis:  Slug Bug – gray!  Oh dang – right there huh?!

Adriana:  I was gonna call it, but I was gonna wait until you were done!

Travis:  Oooo!  Winner, winner, chicken dinner on the highway!  Back seat and all!

Adriana:  Whatever.

Ken:  We don’t have to mention anything specific, but do we have some financial possibilities?

Travis:  Yeah, I’ll start working the street corner.

Ken:  There we go . . . that always works.

Travis:  And, we’ll probably sell the house just to make it work out.

Ken:  Right?!  I mean, you have a camper.  How about you then (Adriana)?  Since it’s a little less of an idea and more of a reality now.  How are you feeling about it?

Adriana:  So freaking pumped!  I’m excited!

Ken:  So, you can visualize yourself there, and doing your thing?

Adriana:  Oh yeah.  Decorating my dorm room.

Travis:  Argue with your roommate.

Adriana:  Yeah.

Ken:  Any advice for other people your age or younger?

Adriana:  I think you should not just be limited to looking at schools near you.  Always be willing to take that extra mile and go out of state if you can financially afford it, or think you might want to.  Or at least go look at schools.  This was a perfect example of leaving for spring break and going on a road trip.  We haven’t done just a simple, vacation road trip in a long time.​

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