Starstruck by Billy Zane (S03E04)

Mar 29, 2019 | Clips, Season 3

Myss Miranda Walters on Ken’s Think Tank Season 3, Episode 4

I was talking with Myss Miranda about her involvement with the Sedona Film Festival, and the premier of her documentary about Curt Walters.

“I fell into the whole film festival media coverage thing because of my ex-husband.  I totally fell into it by accident, and then I stuck with it because I friggin love it!”

“The media room is the best place to be because you get to meet every single filmmaker.  All the big stars . . . I so got starstruck other day by Billy Zane.”

“I got onto the elevator and forgot to hit the damned button to get on the next floor, and then walked right off on the same level.  And I’m giggling like a little girl!  It was so stupid!  I’m telling my friend, ‘Dude, I thought the elevator moved.  Didn’t you feel the elevator move?’  She says, ‘I felt the elevator move.’  I said, ‘It must have just been Billy Zane afterwaves.’  I don’t even know.”

“I’ve never been that starstruck before.”​

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