Stopped by the Cops and This Happened… (S01E09)

Sep 8, 2017 | Clips, Season 1

Punch Buck on Ken’s Think Tank Season 1, Episode 9

“We needed to raise $10,000 for a boxing ring.  I specifically told the kids I want a 22’x22’ aluminum ring-side competition boxing ring.  I know it’s a lot to ask for, but I wanted it so we could train in it and move it to compete in it.”

“So, we were washing cars.  Then, I got stopped by the cops.  They stopped me and said ‘You’re wanted downtown Monday morning – don’t be late.’  It was kinda funny because I used to do bad things, but I have nothing to hide so I wasn’t afraid of anything.”

“I went down there and I didn’t know who they all were – they were just the leaders of the city.  All these guys were there and I didn’t know who they were . . . and all these officers and the Chief of Police.  It was kinda intimidating.”

“Here comes Mike Kovacs – a big ole monster of a man – and asked, ‘Are you Punch?’  I said, ‘Yeah.’  He said ‘On behalf of me, Bloomfield, Farmington, the Mayor, Dr Henderson, Dan Darnell, and everybody, we want to give you a boxing ring that we have in our storage.’  And I was like . . . ‘What?!’  It was totally weird.”

“I accepted it.  They said they liked what I was doing with the kids in the city.  They heard a lot of positive and good things we were doing.  I went to check on it . . . it was a 22’x22’ aluminum ring-side boxing ring.  I started crying.”

“I told my wife . . . I think God wants us to do this.”​

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