Success in Ukraine Translates to Success in the U.S. (S06E08)

May 27, 2022 | Clips, Season 6

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Olena Erickson on Ken’s Think Tank Season 6, Episode 8

When Olena Erickson arrived in Farmington, NM from Ukraine, she could speak very limited English.  In Ukraine, she was a successful businesswoman who previously managed a crew of over 80 people and more recently, owned and operated 2 successful restaurants.  She had degrees – but those degrees weren’t recognized in the United States.

She decided to visit San Juan College and learn English – which she did in just over a month.  Her next step was to get her GED – which she did within 4 months.  She continued her education onto the university level and obtained her master’s degree – and then, her CPA.  She is now the Controller for San Juan Regional Medical Center.

Language was her ONLY barrier to success here in the United States.  After conquering that in a few short weeks, there was nothing holding her back.  Success translates no matter where you go.​

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