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Shop Talk with Ken

Show your support for our show, and help local film students!  We receive some sponsorship money from our sponsor, and every dollar of that goes to promote the show.  So, why do we need support from viewers like you?

The money donated by our loyal viewers goes to the Shop Talk with Ken Crew, which is made up of local film students looking for experience.  You can turn their volunteer experience into a paid position!  Not only that, but you help to make the show better by improving every aspect of the show from equipment and staff, to format and content.

Take a look at the super easy support levels below – each with their own benefits – that’s right, you get stuff for your support as our way of saying THANKS!

FULL DISCLOSURE:  We are NOT a non-profit organization, so your donations are NOT tax-deductible.  They just make you feel really good, knowing that you are helping the local business community on top of helping local film students.

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