We Moved to Farmington, NM from California to Make Movies (S04E04)

Mar 28, 2020 | Clips, Season 4

Michael Kent on Ken’s Think Tank Season 4, Episode 4

Michael and I were chatting about how he went from writing his book, “The Haunting of Molly Pickett,” to having a screenplay written for it, to getting a trailer made for it, to moving to Farmington to make a move based on the book and more.

“We ended up bringing the screenplay to Farmington last year to the Four Corners Film Festival – the first one.  The stars aligned.  We met movie distributors, producers, directors, actors.  They had classes on how to make movies, how to find locations, how to write screenplays.  That was my first real access to the movie business.”

“Four hours into film festival, me and my wife looked at each other and said we gotta move here.”

“I put my house on the market in California.  It sold in two months, and we were out here by the time escrow closed.”

“I hooked up with Brent (Garcia).  We formed Tomahawk Ridge Films.  We came here to make movies.”​

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