Wearing PJ’s to a State Judiciary Meeting (S02E11)

Jul 13, 2018 | Clips, Season 2

Tom Taylor on Ken’s Think Tank Season 2, Episode 11

“We need more fun going on.  In the political world, it’s all bitter.”

“Sometimes people are critical of me because I would make jokes at times when it would seem inappropriate.  I remember in a committee in Santa Fe once . . . I was in judiciary.  Four years in judiciary was a wonderful learning experience, but I definitely don’t want to be an attorney.  You get into some subjects that are really really difficult.”

“One particular night, the Chair of the committee said that we were going to do all 36 items so bring your jammies because we were going to be there late.  So I did.”

“About 9:00, I bolted to my office, I put on my pajamas and my moose bathrobe, and I walked back into the committee in a really tense atmosphere.  I walked in . . . everybody just broke out laughing . . . I sat down in my chair and put my bare feet up on the table.  The chairman goes ‘Gaw, Tom, I knew you would take that literally.’”

“It was interesting because everybody laughed so hard that after that, the tension in that room went way down.  It was amazing how it really changed that atmosphere in there.  Even though there were some people that thought that was so inappropriate, but I am basically inappropriate.”​

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