You ALWAYS Influence EVERY Environment (S01E03)

Jun 9, 2017 | Clips, Season 1

Randy Large on Ken’s Think Tank Season 1, Episode 3

“If you imagined a pond with a surface as smooth as glass and you threw a pebble into that pond, ripples would come out from where the pebble hit the water . . . we’re all that pebble.  We influence every environment in which we are a part.  Anywhere you go, you’re influencing that situation.”

“With the understand that there’s no way for you not to influence a situation that you’re a part of . . . once you understand the nature of that . . . you really have a responsibility to be very careful about the influence that you’re exerting into the environment.”

“Everything you do creates ripples.  Everything you don’t do creates ripples.  Once you understand that . . . especially if you’re in a leadership position . . . it makes you a little bit more careful and little bit more self-aware about your actions and how they can do harm or work against the outcomes that you’re trying to achieve.”​

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