Experience is the BEST Teacher (S05E04)

Mar 26, 2021 | Clips, Season 5

Jose Villareal on Ken’s Think Tank Season 5, Episode 4

Jose and I were talking about the concept behind the Work-Based Learning Program in Farmington schools.

“You know, Ken, from growing up and learning from academics vs learning hands-on.  Where did you learn best?”

My college experience has come in just bits and pieces scattered around.  I have no degree whatsoever.  I don’t have a degree in anything.  Where I learn absolutely everything that I know how to do is on my own terms, in my own way, and by doing.


Putting my hands on it and doing it.

“That is exactly why this exists.  So, we go back to the story of – man, I spent a lot of years out there exploring and not having any direction.  We set those students up, basically, with career exploration.  Kind of getting their feet wet and kind of getting an understanding of what’s out there.  For example, if they want to go into the construction or trades area, or want to go into engineering pathway, or becoming an attorney, become a banker – financial pathway, health science is huge.  That’s one of the bigger industries, but also the bigger interest of our students.  When we survey them, I’d say about 60% of our student population want to become something in the medical field.”

It’s a huge field.

“It is huge.  And it’s high-paying jobs.  We try to match them up with high-value jobs which are high wage and also high demand or high growth.  That’s the definition of high value.​

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