Feeding People on a Small Film Budget (S02E16)

Sep 29, 2018 | Clips, Season 2

Brent Garcia on Ken’s Think Tank Season 2, Episode 16

We were talking about the making of Brent’s film, Aurora’s Law on a tight budget.

“. . . We’ll just do as much as we can here because I know people here . . . we have support here.  People were unbelievably receptive to letting us use locations.”

“We got some food donated.  We wouldn’t have been able to afford it if people hadn’t stepped up really leaned into helping us make it.  Really, the whole community made it possible.”

It’s hard to keep the actors happy when you’re like ‘Alright, everybody’s getting ramen!  Ramen and hot dogs!’

“Ramen and hot dogs!  I hope you guys are super hungry!  Easy Mac all around!  Spared no expense for you guys!”

“I will tell you though . . . Quinton Aaron came over to my house and I was asking him how his experience has been shooting in Farmington since it’s a small town.  He said he had shot in small towns before – this is how the film business works.  He said, ‘But, I will tell you . . . I’ve been fed better . . . the food has been the best here of any location shoot I’ve ever done.  You guys don’t play with the food!’”

“My in-laws were making enchiladas, we had homemade Mexican food, Sam Gonzales at Los Hermanitos gave us dinner one night, and Chef Bernie’s hooked us up with dinner one night.  We had an unbelievable amount of support; otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to feed everybody.”​

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