from Playing for Cows to Headlining (S05E02)

Feb 27, 2021 | Clips, Season 5

D.D. Seaton on Ken’s Think Tank Season 5, Episode 2

Danny and I were talking about how he and his brother began a band in Farmington, NM when they were very young, and ended up moving that band to Denver, CO where Danny currently resides.  They wrote their own music and really enjoyed the music scene in Denver.

“Of course we did a few covers.  Every once in a while we’d throw in a cover for fun, but when we played a club, it was original music.”

‘When we were in Farmington, we had a practice space out on my grandma’s farm.  There was literally cattle on site.  We were playing for cows.”

Ha Ha Ha!

“We were!”

They’re kind of a boring audience, cows.

“Yeah.  You stop a song and it’s silence.  Maybe a little moo here and there.  It was so exciting for us, you know.”  (moving to Denver)

“We somehow got this practice space down here.  It was THE best practice space in the city.  It was huge.  It had a little stage in it.  We had concerts down there.”

It was a big building, right?

“Yeah.  It’s right up here.  I’ll show it to you.  It was a big building, and it was full of bands.  It used to be a yogurt factory.  All these rooms started emptying out over the years, and they started renting them out to bands to make a little money off of it.”

“For years and years, it was 11 or 12 bands.  All kinds of bands like Rock bands, Alternative bands, even Cover bands.  Some of the best nights where when these bands didn’t have a gig because everybody was there hanging out.”

“We would buy some kegs.  And this was before the whole craft beer thing.  So, we would buy these kegs of pretty terrible beer and charge people $5 a head so they could drink off the keg all night long.  We would make lots of money.  People could go from room to room watching all kinds of bands.  We would wait until everybody was nice and lit up, and we would be up in our awesome space at the top of the building and start our show.  Everybody in the building would come up.”

You were in the penthouse.

“Oh yeah – basically – yeah.”

What is that building now?

“It’s Great Divide Brewing.  They moved in while we were practicing there, and nobody knew who they were.  And of course, they’re one of the biggest brewers around right now.  You can’t go to a liquor store without seeing some Great Divide Brewing in it.”​

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