S05E01 – Jamie Church Discusses Doing Business in 2021 vs 2020

Feb 11, 2021 | Full Episodes, Season 5

2020 was an unsettling year.  Is that a nice enough description?  Let’s just say it was jam packed full of challenges.  Health concerns aside, the business community took a big, big hit – and it’s not getting any better – not yet.

Enter Jamie Church.  If you are a business owner in Farmington, you’ve at least heard of Jamie.  Whether you’re a Chamber member or not, Jamie is impacting your business for the better.

I knew Jamie before she was the President and CEO of the Farmington Chamber of Commerce.  When I heard that she was taking over leadership of the Chamber, I was super excited.  The Chamber has always been great – but Jamie is really great – but she has exceeded my expectations.

I don’t know where she gets her energy.  She is everywhere!  Advocating, Organizing, Planning, Coordinating, Informing, Innovating, Being the most amazing cheerleader for the business community – she does it all.

That’s why this is her third appearance on the show.  Strap in and hold on tight because once I ask Jamie a question, she’s gonna talk – and she’s not gonna take a break until you understand how passionate she is about local business.

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