S05E02 – D.D. Seaton Discusses Life as a Musician, Artist, and Chef in Denver

Feb 25, 2021 | Full Episodes, Season 5

Way back in the 80s, four guys in Farmington got together and formed a band called Burgundy.  They moved the band to Denver, gained a following, and renamed themselves Men or Monsters.  They later renamed themselves again to The Good Sirs.  One of those guys is my next guest.

DD Seaton is a former musician turned current artist and chef.  While he’s no longer performing in a band, today he’s a force to be reckoned with in the Arts District in downtown Denver . . . and in the kitchen where he works as a Chef during the day.

Spend an hour with Danny, buy him a beer, and talk philosophy or spirituality with him.  He’ll fill your mind with ideas.  Get him on a rant and he’ll fill your belly with laughter.  Get him to cook for you and he’ll fill your senses with delights.  Get him to play a guitar and he’ll fill your ears with great music.  Become his friend and he’ll fill your soul with camaraderie.

I’m on the way to pick up Danny – or DD – and I might be driving, but I know I’m in for a ride.  I have his art hanging in my house.  I’m privileged to sit at his Thanksgiving spread each year.  And I only have two regrets.  One is that I’m getting lost on the way to his Denver studio.  The other is that I don’t have enough time in one episode to get all of his stories in – but I’m gonna give it my best shot!

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