S05E03 – Dr. James Cole Discusses his Peruvian Amazon River Adventures

Mar 11, 2021 | Full Episodes, Season 5

I’ve heard the name of my next guest for years.  My girlfriend is a patient of his – and she really likes going to Dr. James Cole.  Somebody who LIKES going to the dentist?  Yes, Dr. Cole is a dentist here in Farmington – and has been for many years.  But how could somebody possibly LIKE going to the dentist?  That is an absolutely terrifying thought to me.

OK – so the guy has at least one patient that really likes him.  But why is that a reason for a Think Tank episode?  By itself, it’s not.  Until I learned that Dr Cole participates in the New Mexico Dental Association Foundation’s Mission of Mercy events – the largest charity events in the state – where volunteers donate their time and expertise to provide dental services to those in need.

Not only that, he hops a plane with an organization called Mission Outfitter, flies to Peru, climbs onto a river boat, and travels the Amazon River providing free dental services to people in remote places in the rainforest.  What?!?

Is this guy the Indiana Jones of dental care?  OK – that’s it – I HAVE to meet this guy!  I have to know more about this!

Dr Cole is used to bringing people into his office and putting them in his dentist’s chair.  Now, it’s his turn to step into my Think Tank and strap in while I get him to open up.  I can’t wait to meet this guy!

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