S05E04 – Jose Villareal Discusses the FMS Work-Based Learning Program

Mar 25, 2021 | Full Episodes, Season 5

Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents were convinced that your generation would be the end of us all?  I remember those days.  Well, guess what . . . adults have believed this for hundreds of years.  Absolutely convinced that young people would be the end of us.  It hasn’t happened yet.

That’s because it isn’t true.  It never has been true.  And I don’t believe it.  The reason I don’t believe it is because I’ve met several motivated high school kids over the years that had thoughts and ideas in their heads that I never would have thought of myself.  Really impressive young people.

Instead of laying fear and doubt on the heads of our kids, maybe we should support them.  We should equipment them to grow and use their unique talents for good in this world.  I’ve had many ideas bounce around in my head about working with high school kids to encourage those who might have an entrepreneurial spirit.

That’s where my next guest comes in.  Jose works with kids beginning in middle school and all though high school to give them useful tools to compete in life after school, and he’s sending them out into the working world to gain real world experience from local employers!  Now that’s something I can get behind!

I’m gonna ask Jose to explain how this new program works and how it benefits everybody.

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