S05E08 – Cathryn Abeyta Talks About San Juan United Way

May 27, 2021 | Full Episodes, Season 5

Sometimes you meet someone who loves what they do.  Then, sometimes you meet somebody who loves what they do so much that it just bubbles out of them all over the place.

That’s Cathryn Abeyta.  She is the Executive Director for San Juan United Way . . . and she is a great big bubbling cloud of enthusiasm.  I mean . . . really . . . she’s as cute as a button, sharp as a razor, and has as much energy pouring out of her as the sun.

We’re gonna talk about San Juan United Way because even though the past year has been flowing over with craziness and so many people were, and still are, hurting in so many ways because of it . . . the San Juan United Way managed to raise over a million dollars to distribute to local charitable organizations.

There are so many generous people and organizations in this community, and Cathryn has about a million stories she can tell you about how that generosity is making a real, tangible, life-altering difference in the lives of those who need it most in our community.

But the mission is never complete, so I’m glad Cathryn is at the wheel . . . steering us toward doing even better.  I’m going to stick her in the truck and try to bottle some of that enthusiasm for you today.

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