S05E09 – Robert Gage is Promoting Outdoor Rec & Recording Senior Stories

Jun 10, 2021 | Full Episodes, Season 5

I met Robert Gage at an outdoor recreation event, along with his business partners Danny and Jenny Israel.  They were getting ready to launch their brand new business . . . Black Bear Unlimited.

Each time I speak to Robert, he has 5 more ideas about how to promote Farmington.  We discuss those ideas, refine them, then he runs off to coordinate with more people.  Before you know it, he’s back with 5 more ideas, his previous ideas are moving forward, and we repeat the process.

Robert, Danny, and Jenny also created Black Bear Promotions with the intent to put a TON of energy into promoting Farmington, our local area, and all it has to offer.  He wants Farmington to be a destination for anybody interested in outdoor recreation.

While that’s a big undertaking, Robert still finds time to work on projects like The Senior Project that captures the stories and histories of our senior citizens before those stories are lost.  He also spends time working on the Re-Entry Project that looks to provide the resources and support to take people off the streets, give them back their pride, and re-enter them into society.

That’s a lot to cover in a short amount of time, but I’m going to stick him in the truck and give it shot!​

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