S05E10 – We Talk About the New Podcast, “Over a Cup of Coffee”

Jun 24, 2021 | Full Episodes, Season 5

Most of us live in a community.  Your community may be big or small, but it’s still your community.  Besides your residential community, you may be part of community of people who share the same interests – such as hiking, fishing, hunting, reading, painting, creating music . . . whatever your passion.

The more people talk about your community, the more people know about it, the more people get involved in it, and the better it gets.

Our Farmington, NM community has many really great people in it, but two faces are usually seen on the front lines doing everything they can to make our community better.  That’s Jamie Church and Addie Betancourt – they’re both involved in so much!

These two amazing ladies often get together over a cup of coffee and chat about everything and come up with a million ideas.  One of those ideas was to create a podcast based on their conversations.  So, of course they had to name it . . . Over a Cup of Coffee!

Hopefully many more people follow their example and start creating amazing content – all streaming straight of our community!  I’m going to pick up these two brilliant chatterboxes and see if I can keep up with them!  Ha Ha!​

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