S05E11 – We talk about daGeneral’s Wake Up Call and Podcasting

Jul 15, 2021 | Full Episodes, Season 5

David Mills began his career as a radio DJ back in 1969.  His voice is well known in Farmington.  His dad even helped Farmington get it’s very first FM translator!

Then, along comes podcasting – which began to really take root in 2004 because of portable digital audio players.  And now, just about everybody has one in their pocket – and not everyone has a radio.

So, David decided to join the crowd!  He began his independent podcast called daGeneral’s Wake Up Call in November of 2019.  He might have been the first independent podcast in Farmington had it not been for me converting past Think Tank episodes into podcast format and uploading them 11 months prior to that – darn those digital marketing people!!  Ha Ha!!

It wasn’t long before David decided to bring in Ren Harris as his co-host.  She was David’s sound engineer at the radio station.  She is very funny, very animated, very cute, and the absolute perfect match for David on the Wake Up Call.

While I might have technically beat them to the punch on the podcast front, David has me beat in every way possible when it comes to broadcast experience . . . so, I want to stick David and Ren in the truck and pick their creative brains in an effort to attract more Farmington podcasters.​

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