S05E16 – We talk about How to Handle a Tough World

Sep 23, 2021 | Full Episodes, Season 5

There is magic in this world.  It’s not the magic you may be thinking of that comes from a Disney movie or a stage act . . . but real magic.  All you have to do is stop and tap into it.

You’re watching this video right now – and there’s a good chance you’re watching it on your phone.  But, I know that this video is only a small part of the other things you’re going to do on your phone right now and the rest of the day.

Adam Morrissey believes that the world is a pressure cooker with the heat turned up.  For your own mental health, you need to find the time to disconnect from time to time and allow your brain to reset.  Taking the time to be alone in silence without distractions is magic.  It allows your brain some time to regroup so you can handle the things that come at you in this world.

Your words are also magic.  What you speak becomes reality.  If you speak positivity, you influence everyone who hears you in a positive way – and they spread that sentiment.  If you speak negativity, you also influence all who hear you in a negative way – and they spread that sentiment.  Words have power, so use them wisely.

I’ve already spent many hours trying to find just the right things to leave in this video for you . . . because every word Adam spoke during our ride was packed with insight, inspiration, and positive conviction.  We are lucky to call him a neighbor – and he believes the same about all of you.

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