S05E18 – Eric Campbell Singing in the Truck

Oct 21, 2021 | Full Episodes, Season 5

We made it to the end of our 5th Season!  We started the season with Jamie Church, who’s been on the show so many times I almost consider he a co-host.  Then we ran up to Denver to shoot our next episode with D.D. Seaton – a musician, artist, and chef.  We featured Sallyanne Bachman, who sang for us.

We went off-road with Danny Israel, floated the river with Cody Dudgeon, and had our youngest guest to-date – Zoie, the 8-year-old race car driving girl.

I reached out to Eric Campbell because I REALLY like his music.  He’s super chill, he’s funny, and he’s currently in a band called 100 Year Flood who does a variety of music, but seems to center on a bluesy rock vibe.

I asked Eric to bring his guitar along so he could sing a few songs.  Even though riding in the passenger seat of a truck through traffic on Farmington roads isn’t the easiest thing to do while trying to play guitar and sing, Eric pulled it off!

Since having the Zia Chicks and Sallyanne on the show was so much fun, I wanted to put Eric in the truck and finish the season with him.  You probably like to listen to music while you’re driving.  I do too.  The only difference is that I invite the musician to ride along with me . . . because it’s hard to beat live local music!​

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