S06E01 – Male Encounters of the Life Kind

Feb 10, 2022 | Full Episodes, Season 6

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It’s 2022 and what a crazy ride these last couple of years have been!  We had to cut Season 4 short because of lockdowns, we celebrated our Fifth Season last year in 2021 – and this is the beginning of our Sixth Season!

Something happened in the middle of Season 5.  I invited Ren & David to hop in the truck and talk about their Wake Up Call podcast.  That led to a website project for InterWest Concepts, David’s company and parent to two podcasts.  David was dreaming up the concept for a new podcast idea, we got to talking, and I convinced him that I would be the best co-host for this new show.

Male Encounters of the Life Kind was born!  We got started in September, recorded a few episodes, and things very quickly became WAY too much fun!  We were able to record Nine episodes and last year and nail down the coolest recording location – a neighborhood bar.

We’re gearing up for our Second Season of Male Encounters of the Life Kind and record every Thursday evening at Traegers for any hecklers that want to show up and hang out with us.

I’m gonna stick David in the truck so we can talk about this crazy fun thing we just created!​

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Male Encounters of the Life Kind

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